Friday, October 31, 2008


I’m happy to announce that Vlad has decided to stay in Weird Hollow a little longer. He’s having so much fun doing his new TV show that he’s signed on for some more episodes. The nice thing, he’s only impaled three of our crew members and that’s not bad.

So keep watching for new episodes!


Stephen said...

Hooray for Vlad! Hey, what's three crew members when it means the rest of us get to enjoy this kind of quality entertainment. Go on, Vlad, knock yourself out!

Dane said...

Why, Vlad's been a model of restraint!

Vlad said...

You are both so very kind. I too feel I have been a veritable model of restraint. But now I am preparing for the "Vlad the Impaler Christmas Stake-tacular" show! Yes, my children of the night....snowflakes will fall...a tree will be decorated....guest stars will appear...carols will be sung and...BLOOD WILL FLOW!!! (Or should that be "There Will Be Blood"? No, wait. I think that is already taken...)