Friday, October 24, 2008


This shriveled hand once belonged to a living mummy. In 1923 Saint and his crew traveled to Egypt to help with a recently discovered tomb. The tomb belonged to King Nebkharmoss, an Egyptian king who was mummified almost three thousand years ago. The tomb had countless artifacts and priceless treasures that were perfectly preserved. It was a find to rival the discovery of Carter’s Tutankhamun. The tomb only had one problem. It was cursed. Of course curses never stopped Saint before and most turned out to be false.

Unfortunately, the tomb was truly cursed and the dead King decided he didn’t like people tromping around in his eternal resting place. Saint described the experience as if he dipped his foot down into Hades.

Saint and his men were in the main chamber when a gust of wind ripped thru the tomb and blew out the torches. They were in total darkness. Saint clicked on a flashlight just in time to see one of his men ripped in two by the hands of the mummified King. Unlike movie mummies this monster moved fast. Before Saint could get a couple shots from his pistol, the mummy had killed three more men. The curse was in full force as tunnels started to cave in and walls began to break. Saint and the rest of the men scrambled to make it back to the surface. But before they escaped the mummy grabbed hold of Saint and started to crush him. Saint used his saber and cut off the hand of the mummy. Just a moment before the tomb completely caved in, Saint reached down and picked up the mummy's hand and jumped out to safety.

As Saint used to say, “I had the largest find of the century slip away from me. I sure wasn’t going to leave that cursed tomb empty handed.”


Vlad said...

He wasn't going to leave the tomb empty handed? But he DID leave the tomb with an empty hand. The mummy's empty hand! Get it? He didn't want to leave empty handed but he ended up with the mummy's... empty....hand....and.. never mind. Vlad's going back to the crypt for a nap.

Tim said...

But empty handed has a nice ring to it, and so does the hand, so it can't be entirely empty surely?