Saturday, October 18, 2008


This Tuesday starts round two of the Monster Head Races with Mole Man vs. The Mummy! The folks still alive in the contest - Widgett, Sherrie, greenbeanbaby, Sailormom, Chris, Shotgun_Mario, Jim, Dr. Squid, Dex1138, Halloween Spirit, Bulldoggrrl, Stephen, sock monkey, Dan, Erick and Shawn.

Congrats to all of you for surviving and sorry for everyone that's out of the race.

Since Frankenstein is my favorite monster, I was rooting for him, but he stumbled at the start of the race and that cost him. As to why it looks like some monsters have a head start? These little devils start as soon as I set them down. So the video begins right after I take my hands out of the frame.

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Stephen said...

Woohoo! My money's still on the Creature. All he'll have to do is touch the mummy and he'll turn into one soggy mess. You're going down, Mummy!