Sunday, October 12, 2008


For seventy-five years Saint Bloodworth’s Museum of the Odd has been captivating the curious with its massive collection of unusual and strange exhibits. Located on the corner of Main Street and Weird Hollow in Neato Coolville.

The museum was founded by the legendary philanthropist, inventor and occasional monster hunter Saint Bloodworth. He was seventy-seven years old when he built the museum. The photo below shows Saint at the age of twenty-five.

The majority of the artifacts on exhibit in the museum were collected during Saint’s numerous travels throughout the world.

For the fist time, a few selected artifacts have been chosen to be shared on this blog.

We will take a look at the famed Benedict Ghost photos. Taken by Benjamin Benedict in 1931 inside an unknown estate with his Ghost Camera. These four ghost photos were used to excite people about the soon to be open museum. They were published in many newspapers across the country and helped the museum get off to a roaring start. Saint purchased the five photos for $800. He tried to buy Mr. Benedict’s Ghost Camera, but Mr. Benedict refused his offer of $3,000. The first photo is of the unknown estate.

Unfortunately, Mr. Benedict died a horrible death when he tried to take a photo inside a supposed haunted cave. The creature that was haunting the cave turned out to be a ferocious bobcat that tore poor Mr. Benedict’s throat out. The camera disappeared.

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