Friday, October 2, 2009



Dragomere said...

Dear Vlad, thank you for answering my qvestion, but I still owe you big time for removing my head twice!

Your cousin,

Shawn Robare said...

Also, remember, out of courtesy to the impaled, you'll want to alternate between face up and face down, so that everyone gets a buddy to chat with before expiring. We're not impersonally queuing up the spike!

Vlad said...

Vlad's pleasure! Any time Dragomir , any time!

Shawn! Good point! There is nothing like screaming in agony into the face of a total stranger as you expire to REALLY set the proper impaling mood. Vlad commends you!

David W. said...

It's nice to see new episodes of Ask Vlad again. Vlad is a obviously man of great knowledge and a passion who puts the likes of a Dr. Phil or Dr. Laura to shame.

I unfortunately live in a community that frowns on the impaling of peasants. In fact, it would get you arrested. Go figure.

Tim said...

Dear Vlad,
Thank you for the helpful advice. I do have an etiquette question though. When impaling the minor nobility, does an earl or a baron go first?

In admiration,
Tim The Terrible

Vlad said...

David! Your community frowns on the impaling of peasants?!? That is the talk of madness! What then do you do for fun?

Tim the Terrible! Vlad has the answer to your question on impaling etiquette! Stay tuned to KRYP-TV for Vlad's answer!