Sunday, October 25, 2009


Meet Dr. Oldsmobile. He hasn’t been seen since the early 1970's when he was bringing life to his automobile creations in his mad lab for the now extinct Oldsmobile line of cars. His claim to fame was the W-Machines, those 4-4-2 monster muscle cars. A cast of misfit monsters known as Elephant Engine Ernie, Shifty Sidney, Wind Tunnel Waldo and Hy Spy helped the good doc create these powerful four wheeled monsters.

Below is an advertising folder that features Dr. Oldsmobile and his monsters.

Close-ups of two of his monster assistants.

There's not much out there on Dr. Oldsmobile. Click here to see some 1969 magazine ads. At the bottom of those ads it says you could send off for a set of four posters and a booklet. Those would be nice to see. Here's some ads from 1970 - here, here, here and here. Also the GM Photo Store is selling some Dr. Oldsmobile 8 X 10 photo prints here, here and here.

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Ghoul Friday said...

What a wonderful gem you've unearthed. Thanks for sharing :)