Friday, October 14, 2011


In 1997, the Universal Monsters and the men that played them were honored with U.S. postage stamps. Before the stamps were released to the general public on October 30, they were first released a month before during a monster shindig at Universal Studios Hollywood. Photos from this event can be found at the Chaney Entertainment website. The amazing artwork was created by artist Thomas Blackshear. Blackshear's original paintings for Frankenstein's monster can be seen here and Dracula here.

Here’s a commercial for the Classic Movie Monsters stamps.

A fun set of eleven trading cards were produced called Stampers Saver Cards and featured the actor and the monster they portrayed. You could match up the actor with the monster! Fun for kids, adults and monsters of all kinds!


Fear Street said...

I love you, Bela.

Belle Dee said...

I never saw the trading cards! Those are neat-o. I still have a sheet of the stamps that I meant to get framed, but haven't yet. What's really scary is that I realize I've had those things for over 10 years and haven't framed them yet! I also got some postcards and I have an enamel pin of the Mummy stamp that the post office had on clearance.

John Rozum said...

I didn't know about the cards either, though I have the stamps, all the magnets (except Dracula which I couldn't find) and the Frankenstein monster t-shirt.

Belle, you're not alone. My stamps remain unframed, and I have some prints and posters going back far more than 10 years that I haven't framed yet. My goal through 2012 is to start taking care of that.