Friday, March 13, 2009


Can you believe with 12 Friday the 13th movies there was never one with fuzzy mascot characters? Yeah, I can’t believe it either. Jason went into space, he fought Freddy and even visited New York, but he never had the chance to terrorize a theme park.

Since movie fans have been deprived of this Friday the 13th movie, I decided to make up a fake movie prop postcard (using this original postcard) from the Jason movie you will never see, Friday the 13th Part XIII Camp Crystal Lake Family Fun Park.

In this bloody chapter, Jason comes back from the dead a few years after the last time he died to find that Camp Crystal Lake has been transformed into a theme park and he’s just in time for the grand opening!

I can see this prop postcard used in some background scenes, maybe on a postcard spinner rack in a gift shop or better yet impaled onto a poor helpless victim.

Be sure to click on the postcard to view it large. You'll be able to play Where's Jason if you do!