Tuesday, February 14, 2012


Here at Weird Hollow we're happy to present this very rare Vlad school Valentine from 1975.  We're amazed that this showed up in a child's scrapbook since the original boxes of Castle Vlad Valentines were quickly recalled and destroyed back in 1975.  Only a few boxes actually made it into stores before public outcry. 

We're not sure what the Sweetheart Breakfast was, but we're thankful this unknown scrapbook making kid wasn't offended and preserved this rare card for Vlad fans to enjoy today.

Apparently in 1975 kids just weren't ready for Valentine cards with death and destruction mixed with happy hearts and sugary slogans!  Hopefully in the future more Vlad cards will surface, but until then enjoy this one and only card.

(Vlad will return this fall, but until then click here to watch some old episodes of Castle Vlad!)