Thursday, October 28, 2010


The final Monster Head Race is here. Who will win, The Bride or Dr. Phibes? For Team Bride we have Kathryn, Mother Firefly and Steven A. and for Team Phibes we have Pops, rpchurch, Dex1138, Sourkraut, fromhell13 and highbury. Congrats to all of you MHR fans for making it this far.

Since there's more than one person who picked the winning Monster Head, our pal Vlad will pick the winner of the Basil Gogos signed trading card.

Big congrats to Mike from the Highbury Cemetery for winning the signed Basil Gogos card!

Thanks to everyone who entered and watched the 2010 Monster Head Races!


Dex said...

I didn't win but it gave me some excitement (and laughs) before going to work this morning. Thanks for having such a great blog year after year!

Glen Mullaly said...

Woohoo! Dr. Phibes wins by a neck (thingy)!

Pops said...

Congrats to the winner. Oh well, there's always next year!

Vlad said...

Conbatulations to everyone who entered and especially you finalists! You are all winners in Vlad's book (of the dead). Maybe next year the mayor of Neato Coolville will take Vlad's advice and give, as the grand prize, either the Monkey's Paw or perhaps Rasputin's severed head! Really, thank you all so very much for reading the blog, entering the contest and for watching "Castle Vlad!" More to come!!!

highbury said...

I win! I win! I win! Big thanks to Dr. Phibes and his talky thingy, all the other Phibes fans and to Vlad for picking me!! That card is going on my shelf next to my C-3PO "weenie error" card! Thanks Weird Hollow!!!

Viking Wolf Woman said...

It's fun just to play......thanks for putting on the contest and all the time and effort you put into doing's beginning to be one of my favorite Halloween traditions!

Todd Franklin said...

Dex - Thanks for always playing along! If I remember right, you almost won the first year.

Glen - You know how to pick ‘em!

Pops - Thanks Pops! Yes, there will be a new batch of monsters to pick from. Phibes will try and be the first monster to repeat.

Vlad - Boy, we might have a huge amount of entries for Rasputin’s severed head, but trying to mail his noggin might be difficult.

highbury - Congrats for picking Phibes and congrats to winning the signed card!

Mother Firefly - Thanks for the very nice words, it makes the hard work worth it!