Monday, October 25, 2010


Has anyone ever seen the movie Freak Farm? The chances of anyone saying they saw it would be very slim since the film was poorly distributed. Most people have never heard of this obscure horror movie from 1979 and the unlucky few that did catch it back in the day probably wished they had spent their three bucks on a different flick. Actually, it sounds like no one will ever get to see the complete film as it's been rumored to be lost. Apparently when Ozark International Pictures went bankrupt in 1981, a mysterious fire destroyed their film library and every print of Freak Farm was destroyed.

Here at Weird Hollow we’re happy to share a few artifacts from this film starting with the original movie poster, (pictured above). Unfortunately, there’s just not much info out there, but we did find this March 23, 1979 Boxoffice Magazine clipping with a small blurb about Freak Farm. According to the executive producer, the film had problems from the get-go. Click the image for a closer look -

The main item to surface and the only known surviving piece of film is the trailer. It was found stuck under the projector at the Astro Drive-In. Here’s the trailer for the lost film, Freak Farm -

Now that you’ve watched the trailer go visit the Neato Coolville blog for more information on Freak Farm, the film no one has ever seen.


Mike Middleton said...

I'm shocked this wasn't a hit. The acting is first rate, especially that hillbilly with the bad teeth!

David W. said...

I thought Freak Farm was the lost sequel to Blood Freak (check out YouTube for clips). Actually it looks better than I expected.