Wednesday, January 21, 2009


This is an old TV Guide ad that I colorized many years ago. Of course I can't find the original scan or the original ad, so this old file is all I have.

Not to fear! You can see a bunch of cool old Creature Features ads at the "Un-Official" Creature Features site.


Karswell said...

Those are great ADs Todd, and thanks for the cool WGN link. I can remember being a kid and scouring the new TV Guide weekly for stuff like this. What was the station that played Creature Features in the Ozarks? Here in STL is was KPLR-11.

Dex1138 said...

We had WLVI 56 here in the Boston area. They ran Creature Double Features on Saturday afternoons. I think that is what got me hooked on monsters and the source of my love for 50s/60s era scifi/horror.

Todd Franklin said...

Karswell - I'm afraid we didn't have the official Creature Features, but KRCG 13 out of Jefferson City had a late night horror host that we watched.

Dex - If there was any monster movie on TV I was usually glued to the set.

Anonymous said...

I was so scared of the "monster" as a kid. Now that I see him again as an adult, I'm thinkin, man why was I so frightened?