Friday, November 7, 2008


Ask Vlad a Question from Todd Franklin on Vimeo.

Just add your question for Vlad in the comments section and maybe we'll use it in a future show!


Mike Middleton said...

I have a question Vlad. What is the social significane of having a T on your socks?

Dave Lowe said...

Hi Vlad
I've been enjoying your videos. I have a technical question. With your experience, any professional tips or tricks you can share for those just getting started in impaling?

funguy1989 said...

Dear Vlad,

I'm 19 and am looking for a girl. I make $100 a week, drive a car and have romantic intentions. Not many girls care to go out with me because of my occupation. I am an apprentice undertaker and they say I smell from formaldehyde. Can you help me?


scentfree said...

Hello Mr. Vlad T. Impaler:

Is there any way I can meet the young man who is an apprentice undertaker, but had trouble getting dates because he smelled of formaldehyde? I am 18 and not bad looking (at least my friends tell me so) and I lost my sense of smell as a result of a dry cleaning accident when I was a baby, so I think we would get along fine.

Please have him write

Thank you,
Gru (I know, it's a funny name. But it's better than my full name - Urglegru)

Vlad said...

Dave, glad to hear that you are enjoying the show! Rest assured I will be dedicating (and/or dissecting...bah-dum-dum)a show on how to get started impaling for fun and profit just for you and a "Dragomir" who wanted to know how to impale large quantities of peasants on a limited budget.

Funguy1989 and scentfree...what? Vlad is gone two days to put down yet another incursion of infidels and I come back to find the comment section has become a dating site? Well then, my job here is done! Best of all, I didn't have to do anything! But do not worry my lonely children of the night. Vlad will be doing a show about relationships. If there is one thing Vlad knows, it is love and how quickly it can turn as she rips out your heart, stomps it into the ground shattering it into a million pieces, then sets fire to the pieces until there is nothing, NOTHING but cold black ash and then how she laughs as she salts the ground so nothing will ever, EVER GROW THERE AGAIN!!!

Not that Vlad is bitter.

Keep those questions coming! Vlad and Kryp-TV have many surprises ahead including some appearances by Scary Larry this month and the Vlad the Impaler Christmas Stake-tacular coming this December. Stay tuned for much more and until next time my children of the night... farewell.